Apollo Fizz

Apollo Fizz

Greenhook American Dry Gin Cocktail Recipe

1.5 oz. Greenhook American Dry Gin
.5 oz. Germain Robin Absinthe
.5 oz. Heavy Cream & Fresh Lemon
1 Egg White
4 Dots Sugar Cubes
3–4 Rosewater

Method: Combine Sugar, Egg White, and Gin in a shaker. Light Muddle. Preshake til dissolution of sugar. Combine remaining ingredients and 1 oz. ice. Shake well with 1 oz crushed ice til it dissolves. Strain. Soda Top, Garnish with Chamomile Sprig.

Ice: None

Glassware: Collins

Garnish: Chamomile Sprig

Download: Apollo Fizz Recipe