Easy, no. Exceptional, yes.

We’ll be the first to admit our distilling process is a bit unorthodox. But when you set out to make the best gin in America, sometimes you have to break a few rules. Our innovative distillation process is part traditional, part modern day, and part mad science.

Greenhook Ginsmiths Juniper Berries Hold | greenhookgin.com
Greenhook Ginsmiths Steven DeAngelo Still | greenhookgin.com

How it Works

We produce our gin in a custom-made 300-liter Copper Pot Still specifically engineered to work under a vacuum, which removes air pressure from the still. This unique distillation technique allows us to distill our gin at temperatures dramatically lower than ordinary stills—preventing the delicate aromas of our botanicals from becoming stewed by excessive heat. What we end up with is a lively and aromatic spirit that perfectly balances juniper with equal notes of herbal, floral and citrus.

Welcome to the new face of American Gin.


Lovely clean juniper and citrus nose; elegant pure and crisp with smooth, silky texture and lifted flavors; fragrant and harmonious yet focused and complex with a long, vivid finish. – Anthony Dias Blue, The Tasting Panel Magazine.

Juniper Berries – Greenhook Ginsmiths
Juniper Berries
Cinnamon Sticks – Greenhook Ginsmiths
Cinnamon Sticks
Dried Camomile – Greenhook Ginsmiths
Dried Camomile
Coriander Seeds – Greenhook Ginsmiths
Coriander Seeds
Elderberries – Greenhook Ginsmiths
Elderflower – Greenhook Ginsmiths
Galangal Root – Greenhook Ginsmiths
Galangal Root
Lemon Peel – Greenhook Ginsmiths
Lemon Peel
Orris Root – Greenhook Ginsmiths
Orris Root
Sweet Orange Peel – Greenhook Ginsmiths
Sweet Orange Peel